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Stock Ascot running

Posted: January 30, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

After messing with the battery, spark plug, and a few connections, we got the Ascot to finally start up.  Next step (once the BSA is complete) is stripping it down to the frame and starting to clean everything up for modification.


Decals for sidecovers

Posted: January 28, 2011 in 1971 BSA Lightning 650

Got some decals to put on the black sidecovers to fill in the space a bit.  It is of the BSA gunpile logo.  The pic shows them with a protective cover on, so thats why they look really dull.  I added a second clear pic of what the logo looks like.

Got the new rear rim and spoke kit, and they are nice and shiny!  We are lacing and truing the rear wheel ourselves, and there are pics below of the wheel partly laced with the spokes.

Also have a pic of the wheel on a home made truing stand, made by our friend Wayne. It is made from an old sportster swingarm.

The process of truing is essentially making sure the spokes are all the correct tightness, so that when the wheel is spinning, it won’t wobble around erratically.

This means tightening up all the spoke little by little individually while spinning the wheel and checking for the wobble.

Takes some time, but it can be very zen haha.


Shiny new rim

One of the packages of new spokes

A shot mid lace

A second shot of the lace process

Rim on the truing stand

Front break removed

Posted: January 24, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

The Ascot’s breaks are both seized shut, and rolling the bike isn’t exactly an easy thing to do.  I had a little bit of extra time and removed the front break all together, so the front wheel would spin freely again.  Rear break needs to be removed as well in the near future.

After much negotiation with my old boss, I eventually got him to sell me his old 82 Honda Ascot FT500.  It’s a 500cc single with some nice styling.  It’s a great commuter and around town bike, and stock has a top speed of 95MPH.

This bike will be a complete overhaul once we being work.  It will eventually turn into a Cafe racer/Street fighter style ride that will be sure to turn heads.  Keep a watch, this project will be starting soon after the BSA in complete!


Third times the charm

Posted: January 21, 2011 in 1971 BSA Lightning 650

As of tonight, we have ordered a BRAND NEW stock 18″ rear rim with a spoke kit, and yet another round of tires.  This time, I was able to find out which make/model tires were originally on the bike back in the 70s.  They were Dunlop K70’s.

If there is anything wrong this time, then God help us all.

Just packed up this second round of tires for shipping for a refund.  Front is still too wide, and the rear is WAY to low of a profile.

Called up a buddy at a Harley dealer to check though his books for a tire that will fit this weird sized after market rear rim, and came up with nothing.  So it looks like a new rim with spokes are in the future 😦