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Carbs were taken apart, sprayed with cleaner, blown out and cleaned up.  One of the carbs on the end was gunked up a little, and it was thought that would be the cause of the dying throttle.  There was also an issue of one of the slides catching up on something, but playing with the adjustments for a bit solved that problem.  After putting it all together, there is still a problem with running the bike.

The carbs will be coming back off the bike, disassembled again and dipped into a special cleaning solution to be 100% sure that all the passageways have been cleaned out.

Here are some pics of the carbs apart.

Rolled the Suzuki up onto the lift as the Honda parts are being sandblasted and painted, and being to do a little work.  Took the tank off, the air cleaner out, and got the carb rack pulled off as well.  The carbs are going to be cleaned and re-attached to run the bike a little before the custom work begins.

After cutting the frame to flatten out the rear end, the mounts for the new battery box location, as well as the rear master cylinder had to be changed.  After making some new mounts and brackets, and welding it all to the frame, they are able to be bolted on without any problems.

After tomorrow, the frame, along with all of the other parts needing to be sandblasted, will be packed up and sent of to the sandblaster.

Found a sweet deal on a VERY nice condition 1979 Suzuki GS550L.  Not much cleanup needs to be done as it was definitely garage kept, and it starts up with little effort.  Even has a kicker on it too!!  Only issue is it will die on throttle…but the petcock is busted on the tank, and a makeshift line was inserted in its place…but it is a vacuum petcock…so it will die on throttle due to the lack of vacuum.  Picked this beauty (with assistance from our good friend Wayne!) up for a very reasonable price!  Including manuals!

Some info about the bike can be located here:

This is going to be another cafe style bike.

Frame mods

Posted: March 18, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

Such a nice day to do some work 🙂

Grabbed the Honda frame and lowered the rear end so it would lay much flatter for the cafe style seat.  Had to cut the two support tubes down, and the heat up the area where the stock seat mounts to soften it up for bending into position.  After it was contorted to where it needed to be, we welded the support tubes back into their new home and ground everything smooth.  Once it’s painted, you’d never know that the frame was cut and moved around (once the bike is done, you won’t even recognize it as an FT500!!).  Also have two pics with the bike partially put back together (to check clearances) and you can see it starting to get that aggressive Cafe look!!

Also had a visit from my friend Sarah, who I worked with at Cablevision for a while (she actually trained me).   She came to check out the BSA, and was of course delighted with how it is coming along.  🙂


Tabs cut off frame

Posted: March 14, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

Cut a some uneeded things off the frame over the weekend, like the side cover mounts and rear peg mount (on one side at least, since the other side is also an exhaust mount).  Ground it all down smooth, and now have the frame just about ready for sandblasting!

Some of the cut tabs

Ground down areas after tabs were cut off

More ground down areas

Took a few hours this morning and finally finished the breakdown of the Honda!  The motor has been removed, and all I am left with is a bare frame.  Now the real fabrication and customizing can begin!

Many unneeded tabs and bars on the frame will be cut away, such as the grab bars and rear peg mounts.  We will have a cafe seat sent to us soon to measure up where to cut the rear of the frame off, and when all of this and more is done it will be sandblasted and powder coated!

At the same time we will be cleaning up the motor and having that repainted in black again to make it look really nice.  Plus we will have the time to polish the front forks and other little bits.

It’s on the way!!