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All the cleaning, painting, and rebuilding of the motor was finally finished and it was put back into the frame.  It looks like a new motorcycle!  The compression is GREAT and it will run amazingly when everything is all hook up!

The shocks were pulled apart, scuffed, and then painted a nice black.  They look almost new on the bike now!

The checkerboard patten was done on the seat and the tank as well.  It does need some touch-up still, but it has a great style to it!  Rested the tank and seat back onto the frame just to get a sneak peak, so it may look a bit crooked, and the yellow strip on the bottom of the tank will be black back out again.  More graphics sill have to be done as well.

Green and yellow…British racing colors!

Crankcase painted

Posted: April 19, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

Took a few hours over the weekend and cleaned up the crankcase really good to get all of the grease, gunk, and grime off.  After it was cleaned, I used a wire wheel to scuff it up all over the place, and wiped the entire hunk of metal down with some lacquer thinner to be sure nothing was left behind.  Taped off all the important bits, then threw down a few coats of high heat resistant paint.

Picture does not do it justice, like the other parts because of the shine, but this engine is looking mighty fine!

Took a few hours today to clean up, wash, scuff, and re-paint the head, cylinder and head cover.  The pictures aren’t great because of the gloss paint, but in person it looks awesome!



Head cover

Clubman Handlebars!

Posted: April 12, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

The clubmans arrived!  Thew them on the bike to see how they look, and it isn’t too shabby!  Pics below:

The Ascot engine breakdown has begun, and lots was removed…the entire top end!

Got the head cover, head, cylinder, tach drive, and etc all taken off of the motor, and getting it ready for cleaning and repainting!



Cam chain

Head cover

Cam chain tensioner


Tach drive

Cam shaft

Head gasket

The gas tank and seat both now have been primed and painted a nice gloss black.  The tank will eventually have some graphics hand painted on, and the seat will as well.  These base coats look awesome, though!  After the paint dried up we threw these parts back onto the bike to give it a look!  Also threw the side stand and the handlebar risers back on since there was a bit of time.