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Wired up the new round style headlight, and man it looks  nice!  But the big news today…we started the bike for the first time after all the mods that were done!  It kicked right over and sounds AMAZING!  Just need to button up the rest of the little things and it is all set! Pic and vid below:

Finished up creating the custom taillight and license plate bracket, then painted it up and mounted it.  Looks nice!

Took the muffler off of the exhaust (because it was all rusty and bleh) and added part of the pipes that came from the BSA.  Welded and painted it all, and now its mounted!  The headers will probably be wrapped in the near future as well, just for the extra flare of style.

There is a custom taillight/license plate bracket in the works that should be buttoned up tomorrow, and the headlight brackets were attached to the forks.  Once the tank is 100% dry from the clear that I will be applying (as soon as the rain stops) we will be starting this bad boy up!  Pics of the exhaust below: