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Had the Yamaha up on the bench a bit, and wound up taking out the baffles to give them a clean.  They were a pain in the ass t to get out, due to all of the carbon buildup.  Once out, they got a nice clean down and slid right back in with no problem.

We also got the oil, gas, and battery all in the bike to give it its first start and run.  Very successful!  The bike started with no problem at all, sounds great, and rides great!  It is a rocket on the road too!  It ripped the hat right off my head!  Pics and videos below!

Cleaned the bike

Posted: October 9, 2011 in 1975 Yamaha RD350

Wound up washing, claying, and waxing the RD today just to clean it up.  I must say, it looks like a totally new bike when its nice and shiny!

Carb woes possibly solved!

Posted: October 9, 2011 in 1979 Suzuki GS550L

Now that we finally have a garage back, we have been able to take another look at the Suzuki carbs.  They still ahve the issue where the middle two slides just stick, and will not close all the way.  Upon further inspection, and playing around with them, it was discovered that with the main jet out, the slides would close as normal.

Took a look at the jets, and the two in the middle are super bent, which means the needle isn’t seating properly, which won’t allow the slide to close.  This would throw off the fuel flowing through the carbs, and is most likely the issue with the rough running.

Time to order some new parts and give it a shot!  Pics below:

New toy!

Posted: October 5, 2011 in 1975 Yamaha RD350

Acquired a 1975 Yamaha RD350 recently, and it is in superb shape.  Not sure what we will evntually do with it though…most likely cafe it out.  Here are some stock pics: