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Valves adjusted

Posted: November 27, 2011 in 1979 Suzuki GS550L

The GS550 uses shims for valve clearance, which is different than most other bikes that use the screw/nut combo.  The shims come in different thicknesses, which change what the clearance of the valve will ultimately be.  With some researching, and help from the fellas over at (especially Steve), we learned that we could use a Zip tie as a valve tool.

Essentially, the sip tie would hold the valve open just enough for us to extract the shim, and the soft plastic would not do any damage to the surfaces!  This method worked like a charm, and we weer able to get all the valves just about where they needed to be.

Next weekend, the carbs come off one more time as well for a major adjustment, which I will go into more detail on in the future post.

Pics of the valve job below:

Valve shim in

Valve shim removed

Zip tie holding valve open

Some valve shims

Leaky fuel line

Posted: November 20, 2011 in 1975 Yamaha RD350

The RD had a fuel leak somewhere, as was noticed after a nice gas smell emanated from it.  Turned out to just be the line that connects both sides of the tank was very loose, and the gas would come up the line and trickle out.  Drained the tank, and will soon be getting new line to replace the old loose one.  Pics below of draining the gas and one of the offending line.

Valve adjustment part 1

Posted: November 13, 2011 in 1979 Suzuki GS550L

Decided to check the valves today.  Took off the cover, which was pretty easy, and got out the feeler gauge!  These valves are WAY off on every single cylinder.  Now I just need to get me some shims and get these back in order!

Carbs removed to be cleaned

Posted: November 7, 2011 in 1975 Yamaha RD350

Removed the carbs to clean up a gummed up bowl that was causing a leak.  They were incredibly easy to get to and pull off.  Such a nice break from some newer bikes with carbs that are a pain to remove!

They will be soaked, cleaned, and reassembled soon.  Followed shortly by insurance and registration!