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Got some new turn signals to throw on the bike.  It didn’t have any when we purchased the bike and we always wanted to put some one.  These came from HotWingGlass (as did the seat) and are very good quality, especially for the price we paid.  The Lucas relay did not work, so we had an old automotive one we rigged up.  All signals are wired and working!
Also started getting the paint done on the seat, all by hand again.  It is quite finished yet, and the leather needs to be snapped on, but there are some shots below of what it will essentially look like when complete!

Turn Signals Rear 1 Turn Signals Rear 2 Turn signals rear 3 Turn signals front 1 Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3 (1)


New seat

Posted: July 5, 2013 in 1971 BSA Lightning 650

Got a new fiberglass seat (and some turn signals).  It was made for the frame, and even has a cutaway for the oil fill.  Its about 1000x more comfortable as the old one.
Plan to put a gel or sealed battery in the back for the lights, and keep the capacitor for a backup.  Just have to prime and paint to match, then mount.