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A quick video of the first start attempt after the top end rebuild on the Z1.  The press of the button was the first time we tried to start, and it roared right to life!  The wiring just needs to be finished up, along with some cleanup, and we got ourselves a completed bike! (video quality not that great, was hard to do at the angle I was on).

Exhaust painted

Posted: October 24, 2014 in 1974 Kawasaki Z1A

Got the Kerker 4into1 exhaust painted to look slightly nicer before going back on the bike.

Oct 24 Exhaust Painted

Got some assembly done on the Z1 including putting the footpegs on, the shifter/brake lever, rocker cover, and even got most of the wiring all straightened out (there is even good spark from the plugs!).  We found another set of bad threads on the head, and had to put another helicoil in as well to resolve that.
Decided to just put all the plastics back on to see how it will look, and its nice to start seeing it look like a motorcycle again!

Oct 19 Inserting Helicoil Oct 19 Rocker cover on Oct 19 Polishing difference Oct 19 Left side polished Oct 19 Right side polished Oct 19 Polished in frame Oct 19 Footpeg and shifter Oct 19 Footpeg and rear brake Oct 19 Carbs in Oct 19 Mocked up left Oct 19 Mocked up left 2 Oct 19 Mocked up rear

Finished making up the spacers needed to fit the rear wheel and front end together.  The wheels are Yamaha XS wheels, and the front forks are Kawasaki Z1.  Everything is sized up and perfect!  Had to bore out a piece of solid roundstock to make some spacers for the rear.
We also took the forks totally apart and added some small spacers on the internals to lower the front end a little more without cutting the springs down.
Even got the rear brake mounted up!  It is actually one of the front breaks from a Yamaha FZ600.

Oct 11 Boring rear axle spacers Oct 11 Draining fork oil Oct 11 Fork apart 2 Oct 11 Forks apart 1 Oct 11 Fork apart 3 Oct 11 Rear brake mounted Oct 11 Rolling chassis 3 Oct 11 Rolling chassis 2 Oct 11 Rolling Chassis 1

Back to a rolling chassis!

Posted: October 11, 2014 in 1974 Kawasaki Z1A

Put the motor back in the frame of the Z1 and threw the front and rear ends on.  Finally starting to look like a motorcycle again!

Oct 11 Motor in frame with tank mock Oct 11 Rear end back on Oct 11 Rolling Chassis