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Bent valves!

Posted: November 27, 2014 in 1974 Kawasaki Z1A

Found the reason for low compression!  There were some badly bent valves.  Below are some pics of the process, and a video for comparison.  Even got a shot of the special tool we used haha!

Nov 27 Valve Tool Nov 27 Removing Valves Nov 27 Valve not closed 1 Nov 27 Valve not closed 2

Got a bunch of parts in, and did some replacements that were needed.  This includes:  Pod air filters, a front brake lever, turn signal stalks for the front, and some spark plug wires.  We also mounted a quick and easy license plate mount, and put on the rear pegs and chain guard.
There is a new problem discovered though.  Even though the bike runs, cylinder two has no compression at all, and cylinder 4 has low compression.  The valve clearances seem fine, but we will have to recheck everything and then pull the top end apart if needed again to get it resolved.  Here is hoping its easy!

Nov 22 Front turn signal stalks Nov 22 Licence plate mount Nov 22 New front brake lever Nov 22 Pod filters Nov 22 Rear pegs & Chainguard Nov 22 Spark plug wires

Bypass crushed molex

Posted: November 8, 2014 in 1974 Kawasaki Z1A

Started to wire the rear lights of the bike, and saw that the molex that connects the main harness to the harness with the taillight/turn signals was crushed.  On top of that, it did have some weird hacked wiring done to it.  Just snipped it all and bypassed the harness entirely.  It all works in the rear!  Just need to get some nuts to mount the turn signals and it should be all set back there!  Two quick pics of the molex/bypass job:

Nov 8 Crushed Molex Nov 8 Molex bypass