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New RD Teardown started

Posted: September 19, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Did the teardown of the RD we just picked up so we can start cleaning it up and getting a complete bike put together!  Here are some quick shots.  Even grabbed a shot of the compression test which wasn’t bad at all!

Sept 19 Teardown started Sept 19 Compression! Sept 19 Coil Wires 2 Sept 19 Motor out Sept 19 Down to frame

Picked up a seat

Posted: September 13, 2015 in 1971 Yamaha R5

Thinking of going Street Tracker with the R5, and found this seat at Rice O Rama for a great deal!

Sept 9 Tracker seat 1 Sept 9 Tracker seat 2

With all of my pull off parts from my custom RD, we plan to make another as close to stock as possible RD out of it.  To do that, we needed some parts for sure since a lot got used on my RD.  Wound up at a swap meet and was able to grab this nice 74 parts bike for a great price, which has pretty much everything we will need!  I got the tank from another guy.  Needs some body work in it but well worth what I paid!

Sept 9 Right side Sept 9 Rear Sept 9 Left Side Sept 9 With tank on Sept 9 Front Sept 9 Gas Tank 1 Sept 9 Gas Tank 2 Sept 9 Gas Tank 3