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More RD stuff put on

Posted: October 25, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Got some more parts put on the RD and even ran the wire harness.  Its getting there!  Basically just need to do the motor work and body work, and we should be ready to go!

Oct 25 Airbox and Battery box on Oct 25 Chain Guard on Oct 25 Handlebars on Oct 25 Wire harness and full bike

Started getting most of the RD together to get ahead of the game.  Essentially, we have to just do up the motor and body work and it will pretty much be all set!  We are taking the clipons off this front end (or white RD’s old front end) and putting stock bars back on as well.

Oct 24 Frame parts laid out Oct 24 Shocks being mountedOct 24 Rear end onOct 24 Front end onOct 24 Rear fender, pegs, reflectors  Oct 24 Rear fender and grab bar on  Oct 24 coils, tank mount, battery box

Got the RD frame and frame parts sandblasted, primed, and painted!  Should start going together soon!

Sept 22 Prime and Paint 1 Sept 22 Prime and Paint 2 Sept 22 Prime and Paint 3 Sept 22 Prime and Paint 4 Sept 22 Prime and Paint 5