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Got the outside fins on the heads polished up and put them back on the bike.  Also cleaned up the exhaust a bit (actually my white RD’s old exhaust) and put those on as well.  Even had time to put the reeds/manifolds!

More motor cleanup

Posted: November 28, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Got some more motor cleanup done.  Cleaned, polish, and painted the engine side covers and cylinders.  Just have to do the same to the heads and it will look much nicer.  Also threw in the oil pump and right engine side cover!

Got the engine cases cleaned up on the 74 RD and back together.  Even have the lump back in the frame, mostly together.  Have the clutch and stator side pretty much all set.  Just have to clean up the top end and side covers and the motor will be complete!  Pics below.

Motor all apart

Posted: November 8, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Got the second RD motor apart and split the cases.  It’s in very good shape and won’t take much aside from the usual gaskets and some cleaning!

Nov 11 Clutch plates Nov 11 Crank out Nov 11 Cylinders Nov 11 Empty bottom case Nov 11 Heads Nov 11 Left engine cover off Nov 11 Left engine cover Nov 11 Magnet Nov 11 Points totally off Nov 11 Points Nov 11 Right engine cover off 2 Nov 11 Right engine cover off Nov 11 Split cases 1 Nov 11 Split cases 2 Nov 11 Split cases 3 Nov 11 Top end all off Nov 11 Top end and one piston off Nov 11 Transmission out

Acquired a 1995 CBR600F3 today from a friend of ours.  It isn’t all together, but I want to say with the box of parts we also got with it, 99% is there.  Some stuff is broken, and we have no key, but it will all be figured out eventually.

Nov 4 Box o' Parts Nov 4 Front Nov 4 Left side Nov 4 Rear Nov 4 Right side 2 Nov 4 Right side