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Due to how the seat mounts, we had to move the oil fill up the frame a bit. Where it sits, it will be under the tank and front of the seat, but when the padding is off still easily accessible.  Also have the frame and body panels ready to be sandblasted!

This is the very first bike that I worked on with my father. We were moving some things around at home, and found these pics! We did this back in 1995 when I was about 8 years old.
I remember when he put the kickstand on, he had me balance the bike, and I almost dropped it on myself!
I believe it sold to a guy overseas since he wanted it so badly!

Got the seat mounted up on the R5.  Had to make some brackets and cut that rear hump off the frame that the old seat used, but it fits very nice.  Also started modifying the battery box to fit in the way we need it to.  It needs some cleanup, but it will be nice when done.