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Yamaha Radian 600

Posted: May 28, 2016 in 1987 Yamaha Radian 6000

Friend of ours had this Radian that wasn’t running quite right, but after a few hours and some carb work/cable routing its back to life!  Here are some pics of the bike!


Picked up this 1966 Sears Allstate 250 from the brother of the original owner!  It is in nice shape for its age and should prove to be a fun project!

A friend of ours had their GL1000 sitting for a bit after a small spill, so we took it in to get it on the road again!  It need a decent amount of things done to it to get it road worthy, including tires, brake rebuilds, re gauges, new bars, and a bunch of other things.  We also fit on an FZ600 front fairing for some extra coolness!  Check it out!  The final bike is at the bottom of the pics!

2 Stoke Madness!

Posted: May 15, 2016 in General

Some shots of our current 2 Stroke Yamaha bikes!  Check it out!

Check out the pics of the R5 as it is now, basically done!  A few small things we gotta do but here it is!

Yamaha R5 first start!

Posted: May 1, 2016 in 1971 Yamaha R5

Did a test start today!  Sounds good so far!