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More complete

Posted: June 27, 2014 in 1955 Harley-Davidson Panhead

Timmy stopped by with the more complete bike.  The front fender and speedo are back on (though a speedo cable is still needed), and there are now some saddle bags!  Pics below:

Close Front Fender Speedo More Complete 2 More Complete 1

This ’55 Panhead belongs to our friend Timmy Brandon.  It was his fathers bike back in the day, and eventually given to him.  In the 70s, it was stolen from him and had been missing ever since…until he got a call a few months ago.
At some point, the bike made it into a Museum across the country, and the owner tried to register it.  It came up in DMV as stolen, and Timmy got the call he never though he would get!  Luckily, he had ALL the paperwork for the bike, including the original title, and even receipts from when the case was welded (which he was able to point out to help prove it was his!).  Right now, he is working on getting it back up to snuff.  It needed some motor work, but it does now run.  Just have to finish some little odds and ends.  It does have everyone, but some stuff (like the front fender) is not on the bike at the moment.  Pics and videos below!

55 Front 55 Left 55 Rear 55 Right 55 Right 2 Me on 55 2

(The above picture is me sitting on the bike!)

(In the above Video you can see Timmy start the bike, then both Timmy and Sonny ride it!)