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Got the top end back together and now checking the points side of the engine.  Lots of work to be done there!

Aug 23 Piston back in Aug 23 Studs back in Aug 23 Clyinder on Aug 23 Head on Aug 23 Compression Test Aug 23 Hi-low gear parts Aug 23 Left side engine covers off Aug 23 Flywheel Aug 23 Points cover off Aug 23 Points

Piston is free!

Posted: August 10, 2014 in 1973 Kawasaki G4TR Trail Boss

After a lot of heating, cooling, and carefully hammering, we got the piston free from the cylinder and have the entire top end off!  After getting the piston down far enough to remove the pin/clip, we just took the whole cylinder off and removed the piston with it off the bike.

Aug 10 Freeing piston Aug 10 Cylinder off Aug 10 Cylinder off 2 Aug 10 Inside cylinder Aug 10 Piston out

Got this small 100cc two stroke dual sport to rebuild.  It has a frozen motor, but it seems like it is just corrosion in the cylinder.  This should be a fun build and a fun bike when its done!

July 26 Right side July 26 Rear July 26 Left Side July 26 Front July 26 Exhaust off July 26 Head off July 26 Head off 2 July 26 Look down cylinder July 26 Look out exhaust port