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Got the old points and condernser replaced, and the bike is running great (also had to adjust the needle position in the carb).  Pics of the points and condenser.

Sidecover Decal On

Posted: January 2, 2016 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

The decal for the sidecover came in, so we threw it on.  Looks good!

Adjusted the front end and put on the drive chain.  Was then able to try a first ride.  Something isn’t quite right, so we will be looking at it again on the lift.  It seems to bog and run on one cylinder despite having fuel, spark and air.  The points are in question, and the battery is looking weak.  Going to try a new battery first (since we know we need one anyway) and see what happens from there!

Was able to give the bike its first start finally!  After some tweaking it is running really nice.  Extra smoke is due to running a little premix in the tank as well, just in case the pump didn’t work.  Check it out!

Cleaning up gauges

Posted: December 25, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Some downtime on Christmas means cleaning up and repainting parts for the gauge cluster!

Dec 25 Gauges repainted

Got the Headlight ears, bucket, and turnsignals all in place!  Looking pretty good!  The bulb has to come out when the wiring gets done, but its nice to see it coming together!

Picked up another 74 RD350 today from a friend and snagged the much better gas and oil tanks.  Cleaned them up a bit and got them on our bike to see how they look!  We will continue to fix up the gas tank we already had and use THAT on the ‘new’ RD we just picked up when its ready!  Check it out!

Carbs and controls on

Posted: December 19, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Got the carbs all in the bike, along with the throttle and the controls.  The left handlebar controls were missing the horn and turn signal switches.  I had a spare set which had a bad harness on it, so I moved all the necessary switches over and made one good one.  OHM meter shows it all works!  Was also able to save the original grips, and got the throttle all on there!

Carbs put together

Posted: December 13, 2015 in 1974-1975 Yamaha RD350

Tried to get most of the paint off the carbs since they were painted black.  They don’t look perfect, but they are a lot better.  Also got all the new jets, needle, seat, and the kit in there so its all fresh!

Started doing the body work on the gas tank.  Welded some nails to the dents and pulled them after heading to pop as much as we can out for now.  Will need some body filled and fixing still, but this got the bulk out of those huge dents.