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We had to make new mounts for the shocks, since the rear wheel bottomed out with the new frame shape.  Just made a few plates, ripped off the old mounts, measured a million times, then re-welded the mounts in their new position.  HUGE improvement.

We have also solved the dilemma of a speedo and tach, and at the same time the problem of mounting the ignition.  I had thrown on the stock cluster just to do a test, and in all actuality it looked like it belonged with the bike!!  So, now we are going to use it!


First ride!

Posted: July 16, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

Finally got the replacement master cylinders in place and bled both breaks.  Then we fired up the bike with one push of the button and took it down the street!!  It rode great, smooth and shifted with ease.  There are some adjustments to be made, but this is a big step!  Video below!

Sound Check!

Posted: July 9, 2011 in 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

After modifying the petcock so that it doesn’t use a vacuum, the bike starts right up and revs like a champ!  This video is from a cold start.  Now that the running problems are all set, we can concentrate on the breaks and small details.  The bike sounds amazing, video below!!

Wired up the new round style headlight, and man it looks  nice!  But the big news today…we started the bike for the first time after all the mods that were done!  It kicked right over and sounds AMAZING!  Just need to button up the rest of the little things and it is all set! Pic and vid below:

Finished up creating the custom taillight and license plate bracket, then painted it up and mounted it.  Looks nice!

Took the muffler off of the exhaust (because it was all rusty and bleh) and added part of the pipes that came from the BSA.  Welded and painted it all, and now its mounted!  The headers will probably be wrapped in the near future as well, just for the extra flare of style.

There is a custom taillight/license plate bracket in the works that should be buttoned up tomorrow, and the headlight brackets were attached to the forks.  Once the tank is 100% dry from the clear that I will be applying (as soon as the rain stops) we will be starting this bad boy up!  Pics of the exhaust below:

Quite a bit of work has been done since the last update.  New wheels put on, new air filter, oil filter, front fender, chain, throttle cables, clutch cables, levers,  breaks, tires and a few odds and ends.  The tank and seat are getting the checkerboard redone as well.  The new fender had to be scuffed and painted, then cleared over.   It has been oiled up and is ready to start after an exhaust is fabricated next weekend.  Sat on the bike after mounting the seat just to see how it felt, and its position was perfect.  It felt like a dream to sit on!

The only things really left are attaching the mirrors then ordering the headlight, tail light, and speedometer!  Will we be riding down the road in now time!