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Threw on the gas tank (needs some adjusting to get it on right) and the front fender to see how it would look.
Not bad I must say.  Tank still needs lettering and a coat of clear, but its starting to really look like a motorcycle now!

The guys over at the forums have been really helpful for random questions about this British bike!


Front fender on, gas tank fitted

Cleaned some more pieces

Posted: November 27, 2010 in 1971 BSA Lightning 650

Was able to find a little time to clean up the front fender, the gas tank styling strip, and the gas cap.

Front fender and the cap were both huge improvements, but the styling strip has a few imperfections to be worked out.


Gas Tank Style Strip Before Cleaning

Styling strip and Gas cap clean (Spot towards middle of gas cap is a vent hole)

Front Fender Dirty

Front Fender Clean, pic isn't that great, but its a big difference

New fork seals came, so the forks have been buttoned up with oil added.
Speedo and Tach were cleaned up and put on the bike today as well.

Started to figure out the wiring, but it’s going to be a challenge.  Someone has messed with it before so there are wires spliced everywhere and colors that don’t add up to the diagrams.  We will have it sorted out and working really soon though!


Speedo and Tach

Coils and Rear Shocks

Posted: November 26, 2010 in 1971 BSA Lightning 650

Did some work this morning, repainted the bracket white for the coils and did some clean up on the coils themselves.  Got it all mounted in the frame and read to start wiring everything up!

Also took the rear shocks apart, and had to fabricate a special tool to get the job done.  The springs will be cleaned up really nice, and the shocks will be repainted black as well.

Also have a pic of the gas tank styling strip before cleaning is done.

Pics are below:


Coils outside of bike before a bit of cleaning

Coils back on the frame

Rear shocks taken apart

Headlight Mounted

Gas tank styling strip before cleaning

Jonathan’s Virago

Posted: November 26, 2010 in 1982 Yamaha Virago XV750J

This bike was gifted to Jonathan many months ago from a close family friend.  It wasn’t running, and over the last few years the previous owned had it at a few Yamaha dealers, as well as two private shops to try to get it up and running again.  Nobody could seem fix it.

When Sonny got his hands on it, it was another story.  After doing a full inspection of the motorcycle, he figured out all that ailed it!

The first part that had to be replaced was that problematic starter that these early Viragos were famous for.  That wasn’t all however.  A new battery was put on, as well as new tires, spark plugs, spark plug wires, fluids, and the carbs were torn down to each individual piece to throughly clean the fuel system.

Turned out that there were two jets somewhat hidden in the carbs that not only the other private techs overlooked, but both of the Yamaha dealers as well.  After cleaning them up, and re-syncing the carbs, the bike fired right up!

Now that the bike runs like a dream, it’s going to be polished up.  For now, some mods being done recently will be forward controls (which are on the way), hard boxes, and a larger gas tank off of the 920 Virago.  Eventually, it will most likely be turned into a bobber.

Sadly, we do not have pictures of the process to get this bike up and running, but here are a few pics of the bike as it pretty much is now.

Check out for tons of Virago information, tech help, and a great community of bikers!


The Virago the day it arrived

The Virago as it is now (not much has changed...YET!)

As mods and cleanup are done, updates will be added to this blog!

Here are some pics of the gas tank after all of its sanding, priming, and painting.  In total, it was about 8 hours of sanding, all by hand, and about 1 hour of priming and painting.  We are letting it harden for a while and adding a clear coat in the future, along with decals.

Tank Primed

Tank Painted

Doesn’t look to shabby if I do say so myself.



And so it begins!

Posted: November 25, 2010 in 1971 BSA Lightning 650

Welcome to the Sonny and Sons Psycle Shack blog!  Our fist rebuild is of an old BSA classic that not many people have seen before!

Enjoy your stay, and don’t be afraid to post comments or questions!