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Traded in my 2008 Yamaha R6 for something a bit more streetable.  Wound up with a 2014 Ducati Monster 796 ABS!  It is more comfortable and has more manageable power for normal street use.  Love the bike, and glad I made the change!  Check out some pics below!  Mods to eventually follow!

Sept 27 Purchased 1 Sept 27 Purchased 2 Sept 27 Purchased 3 Sept 27 Purchased 4 Sept 27 Purchased 5

Rear and front end work

Posted: September 30, 2014 in 1960s BSA Hardtail

Wayne helped to widen the rear axle slot a but to get the slightly bigger axle we have to fit.  He also helped us make some spacers for the front and rear ends.  We have the tree back on the bike as well which seems to fit awesome!

Sept 27 File out axle slot Sept 27 Tree on Sept 27 Wayne Axle Work

Frame bits painted

Posted: September 20, 2014 in 1974 Kawasaki Z1A

Got pretty much all the frame bits painted and ready to go for the Z1!

Sept 20 Batterybox painted Sept 20 Centerstand painted Sept 20 Frame painted Sept 20 Motor mounts painted Sept 20 Swingarm painted

Steering Stem/Front End Work

Posted: September 14, 2014 in 1960s BSA Hardtail

Had to shorten the steering stem on the triple trees to get it to fit just right.  Cut it in two and then took a chunk out to make it shorter.  We then took a piece of solid roundstock steel and milled it down to the appropriate diameter to fit in the stem to strengthen it back up/have something to weld it together to.  Put some holes in both sides of the cut stem for plug welding as well.  Weleded it it up and ground it back down smooth, like nothing was even done!  Still needs some buttoning up, but its almost there!
Also cut the fork springs down a bit to lower the front end since it was a little high, and sort of mocked up where a rear caliper can potentially go.  Project is moving along!

Sept 13 stem cut Sept 13 Stem cut and ready Sept 13 Cutting stem Sept 13 Milling plug Sept 13 Filing plug Sept 13 Welding stem up Sept 13 Welding stem up 3 Sept 13 Welding stem up 2 Sept 13 Completed stem Sept 13 Completed stem 2 Sept 13 Tree basic fit Sept 13 Removing fork springs Sept 13 Fork spring ready to cut Sept 13 Cutting fork spring Sept 13 Cutting fork spring 3 Sept 13 Cutting fork spring 2 Sept 13 Spring cut and in fork Sept 13 Rear brake mock

Mock-up work

Posted: September 6, 2014 in 1960s BSA Hardtail

Did a bunch of mock-up work on the BSA hardtail to get a feel on how we want it to look.  We used a leftover Kawasaki Z1 front end (which will need the stem modified to fit just right) with some Honda mag wheels.  The axles on the front and rear will need to be modified as well.  The tank is a Sportster King tank as well, which really seems to fit the bike well.

Did some sitting to get a feel for the position, and played with foot position too.  Even mocked the motor in!  Check out the pics!

Sept 6 Front and rear on Sept 6 With kingtank on Sept 6 Kingtank from rear Sept 6 tank and rear fender Sept 6 Tank and rear fender from rear Sept 6 Rough seating position Sept 6 Mock with motor Sept 6 Mock with motor rear Sept 6 Mock with motor and sitting on it Sept 6 Handlebars and mid controls rough Sept 6 Handlesbars and forward control rough Sept 6 Handlebars and forward contorls rough 2